Regarding Eric Ball of Ball and Ball Communications, located at 14213 Cherry Lane Court, Laurel, MD 20707
Telephone: 301-490-9133

My name is Verne Herz.  I own Chokes Unlimited (

Eric Ball ordered product from my company 4 times in 2013.  The first time he ordered he provided a Mastercard number and expiration date.  We shipped his product and ran the card.  We received payment.  He made 2 more orders that went smoothly.  Then he ordered a fourth time.  Because he had ordered 3 times prior, we shipped his order in good faith prior to running his Mastercard.  When we ran the Mastercard it was declined.  He was called and informed of the situation.  He apologized and said he would send a payment.  No payment was received.  Several calls were made to him periodically.  Messages were usually left because nobody would answer the phone.  When someone would answer the phone they said he wasn't there and they would have him call back.  No return calls were ever received.  Finally, when he did answer the phone, he acted as though I was trying to screw him saying that he was sure the payment had been made.  He was asked to verify his thought.  Nothing was ever heard back.  Since then, he hasn't answered his phone.

We recommend that you be very careful doing business with him and his company because he is either a crook, or he is comfortable screwing people, or he is just too damn busy to verify that he is screwing people.  In other word, he doesn't care that he is screwing people.

If you would like further information regarding our experience with him, don't hesitate to call me, Verne Herz, at 541-888-5200.

Best regards,
Verne Herz
Chokes Unlimited

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