How to place an order:

To place an order we require:

    1) your name,
    2) your address,
    3) a daytime contact telephone number (in case we have any last minute questions),
    4) a VISA, MasterCard, American Express,or Discover account number with expiration date,
    5) and, of course, the items and quantities of each that you want.
You may either:
    1) email the information to:

    2) fax it to 866-837-5723,
    3) or call us at 800-233-3530 or 541-888-5200.
    4) Normal business hours are:
        9am - 5pm Monday thru Friday, PACIFIC TIME.
** Note regarding email **
We do not ignore any email.  If you send us an email and do not hear back from us by the next business day, we did not receive your email.  This would likely be due to all of the spam blocking programs that ISP's "must" use to avoid having all of their customers' email blocked from other ISP's.  If you do not hear back from us regarding an email that you have sent, PLEASE call us, fax us, or try to email again.

Shipping of product is usually via:

There is no minimum order amount.
However, orders under $10 will be charged a $1 handling fee.
All freight charges are for exact amount of freight or postage.
We do not pad your freight charges with any hidden fees.

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