So Low Audio Reference CD
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So Low CD
An Audio Reference CD

This is a STATE OF THE ART full audio spectrum demonstration and reference CD.
WARNING! Failure to run all tone controls flat may result in serious speaker damage.

Scott Anderson - Guitar
Jason Nyberg - Keyboard
Written by:
Scott Anderson, Eric Brustad,
Adam Colt, Verne Herz and Jason Nyberg
Produced by:
Verne Herz, Adam Colt and Eric Brustad
Executive Producer:
Verne Herz
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at
Audio Magic, St. Paul, MN
Engineered by:
Adam Colt and Eric Brustad
Mixed by:
Capital E and Dr. Midi
Artwork by:
Mitch (Fuzz) Portella

Copyright 1995 Chokes Unlimited
All rights reserved.        Made in U.S.A.

The So Low CD contains one track.
The track is 4 minutes & 29 seconds of the clearest,
distortion free audio with real life sounds that demonstrate
the adequacies or inadequacies of any sound system.

Once you've listened to the CD on your sound system,
you can play it on other systems and easily hear
the differences in the capabilities of the systems.

The artwork on the front of the CD cover was inspired
by the contents of the CD.

Listen to a short clip of the CD

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